How Joining Works

Looking to join a Great Commission church-planting network? Here are four steps for existing churches to join GCC.

First step Connection

The first step in partnering with GCC is a simple introduction. Then, like any relationship, we need to get to know each other. We want to learn about your church and you need to get to know us. What do we believe? How does the partnership work? Would your church embrace our Cultural Values and seek to embody the 6 Attributes of a GCC Church? You can take a deep dive by reading our network White Papers. After reading, if you believe GCC would make a good network partner, fill out this form to connect with us. This initial step of connecting wraps up when your elders submit an application for partnership to GCC.

As God exists in Trinity, so we are made to exist in community. We are hard-wired for connection. Local churches are no different. Dave Harvey

Second step Visit

To ensure a good partnership match, after completing an application to join GCC, someone from our team will schedule a visit to your church, meet with your elder-team, and attend a Sunday service. We’ll talk more formally about theological convictions and what our desires and expectations are for the partnership. It’s during this time that we’ll go deep in conversation about the components of our Partnership Plan and Partnership Agreement. After the visit, this step concludes with a recommendation for next steps between the church and GCC.

Third step Invite

If, after discussion and prayer, it’s clear that your church and GCC are an excellent fit for partnership, GCC will issue a formal invitation for your church to join GCC. Together, we’ll sign the Partnership Agreement, which spells out expectations and commitments as we go forward in the mission together. For us, this is a moment of excitement, appreciation, and celebration as we envision what’s ahead together.

When you enter the Great Commission Collective, you’re entering into a community—one that is aiming to build the kind of culture where ministry can flourish and where leaders flourish to the end. But, even more, you get a family. And, together, by the grace of God, GCC can serve you, your leaders and your church. Dave Harvey

Fourth step Partner

Partnerships between local churches and Great Commission Collective are marked by camaraderie, prayer, support, and encouragement. From here, we launch into working with your leaders to grow and plant churches together. You can read more about our ongoing partnership with church in our Partnership Plan. If you'd like to know more, start by completing this form.

If you’re ready, then reach out today.

Planting Churches. Strengthening Leaders. Together. Start the Joining Process