The Learning Center for Elders

Become a better leader to multiply disciples, leaders and churches. Discover unique, outcome-based learning opportunities that will equip you to lead those who will impact their communities for Christ.

The GCC Learning Center is a great resource for ministry training. It offers a wide range of courses, from foundational to functional and everything in between. You can also find courses specifically designed for partners, as well as featured courses that highlight different aspects of ministry. No matter where you are on your journey, the GCC Learning Center has something to offer you.

Gospel Shaped Leaders

John Crabtree

10 hours in 8 sessions

Elders: Do the Work of an Evangelist

Brian Holt

Four Sessions

What Does 'Apt to Teach' Mean for Me?

Earl Marshall

Four Sessions

Course Types

Foundational Courses
These foundational courses come with GCC recognition upon completion for lead pastors, elders, church planters, and ministry leaders. They are 4-6 sessions in length and require about 15 hours to complete..

Functional Courses
These courses are designed to be “how to” learning experiences that are highly functional in nature and led by an experienced GCC pastor. These courses are 1-2 sessions in length and require about an hour to complete.

Featured Courses
These courses are designed by an experienced practitioner in the field and they focus on a specific topic of interest to leaders. These courses are 3-4 sessions in length and require about 3 hours to complete.

Partnership Courses
These courses are offered in conjunction with one of our GCC partners and can be taken at either a reduced cost or no cost to our GCC members. They vary in length and are offered in various modalities.

Three Leadership Lessons by Paul Tripp

John Crabtree

Three Sessions

Faith: Where a Leader Looks

Dave Harvey

One Session

Theology Matters

Jeremy Kimble

Three Sessions

How Do I Avoid Burnout?

Bob Lepine

One Session

Constructing Your Missional Narrative

Daniel Yang

Three Sessions